FUTURE OF Your Content

Tap your 40wdbcv2.com on a compatible smartphone to instantly share your content.

Our Smart Card

Contactless Contact Instantly

40wdbcv2 is a digital business card with smart card technology. 40wdbcv2 instantly shares your contact, social & location details, ready to be saved in a phone's address book. 40wdbcv2 allows you to have a contactless connection to transfer your contact details anytime & anywhere to any Smart Device.

Instant Data Transfer

Just tap your card on a compatible smart device to transfer your data or show your content. Just Tap your card and transfer your data to the phone. Your profile data can be changed anytime and by having 40wdbcv2 to adjust your data profile (Two free data profile updates).

Multimedia Smart Business Cards

With a 40WDBCV2 smart business card, you can share your company data profile, website, bio, phone number, email, addresses, Social Media Networks, YouTube, Venmo, Pay Pal, external links, and photography, and much more. The only thing that can't be changed is your smart card profile name. 40WDBCV2 helps keeps your associates and customers updated.

What You Can Do


Create a non-disruptive media channel.Enable more targeted marketing,with real-time content updates based on time,events, specific locations, or other factors. Enable direct feedback from the customer.


Improve the customer experience by delivering personalized content. By tapping your 40WDBCV2 smart business card against a Compatible phone, potential buyers can receive information about promotions, contests, VIP access to special events, branded videos or stories, and much more.


Sell complementary goods and services to website visitors. Your customers can earn loyalty points and get coupons loaded directly onto their smartphones, which means less time digging out a ticket at the register. Promote your services and products via (SMS).

Contactless wireless data transfer using smartcard technology

You create some great content and can’t wait to distribute it to your audience. It could be your contact information, social media, resume, music, a promotional video, a brochure, a mobile app , a catalog, a price sheet, or something else


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